Saturday, July 21, 2001

Western Civ

So many philosopher have discussed what exactly will be the downfall of everything we know. My only definition of civilization is real thought, mature and processed thought.

This is not a political or a social argument which I will publish on the net and count people who are behind me and then bring it to a Congressman.

NO this is simply placing my ideas in a form that they will take shape, and I am venting while my fiance watches the real world on MTV.I truly believe that the downfall of civilization is in the simple marketing or caring about what anyone under the age of 25 thinks.

The concentration that marketing monsters have on 15- 25 year olds is simply ridiculous- marketing for people that really should not have money in the first place, wihout resorting to begging their parents, selling drugs, or prostitution.

When I was young (prior to the 80's) no one cared about what I said no one cared about what I bought, or ate or anything. If they did they did not market directly to ME, but went straight to my parents, designing campaigns and strategies. I can only see the logic in these strategies in that the age group is extremely gullible and incrediblely voracious consumers.

Our youths heroes are fetises, Brittny Spears, Backstreet Boys, and young actors. All our movies have children, like watching a Peanuts special with special effects. The Academy Awards, once a collection of well rounded and educated alcoholics, now looks like they competing to win a star at the top of their page. Our music is garbage because we cannot get out of marketing to people that should not be allowed to cross the street yet.

Nothing that I can think of except maybe over-population is deterioating our way of life more than paying attention to what youth says, thinks, listens to, eats, watches, and hopes- this all at a time when the retired population is ballooning.

Children should be seen not heard, marketed, nor appeased. In this day and age, when half a million organizations are intent on whether you spank your child or not, that students are cursing out thier superiors and teachers...

Who in the end is raising who?

Us or The Kids?