Saturday, February 09, 2008

Where I have been: The Nine Worlds

It has been some time since I dusted and pounded the pillows on this porch. Some time ago, long ago, when I sat and virtually contemplated. Work got in the way, as it always does. I know alot of you have come by and called this a 'slacker's blog but know at least that I have been quite busy as of late.

Since I was 14 I have been into Role-Playing Games. My life has turned away from the dice, the tables, the people, the rulebooks that cost WAY too much money. Plus I live in a city that LIVES its fantasies, does not just play them out. We ar just emerging from a month of fantastical revelry. While that is great, the actual rping that is done here is slim compared to places up North.

But while my DM Screen is long gone my need to role-play has not. I have resorted to serious archchair adventuring. Living on the internet are my adventures and I have visied a million sites and played in someone else house. The thing is that there comes a time when you just want to have your own place. I created:

The NIne Worlds is a collaborative story-telling project to keep me in the ink. There I have started stories that allow me to explore those little-known universes that exist in my mind. The thing is I have invited others to do the same. Things appear ot be moving quite fast, thus I invite you all to join me there.

If you cant find me on the porch, then I am at 'THE NINE'