Thursday, March 30, 2006

Did not realize

I did not realize how much time has slipped away since I updated this blog. Things are hectic, crazy. The tour I had as a school teacher is over, apparently the numbers here in New Orleans have died, and other execs need raises and jobs more than I do. This is on a day that we put a bid on another house (picture pending).

Feels like an opportunity and perhaps all those colorful characters that made my porch like a novel will return with a vengeance. Lazy days with drinks and afternoon stories. Waiting for that parade of storms that comes but once a year, tossing throws of winds and tin roofs about the city.

Speaking of which, we do fear the next season. It has been a lofty mild and breezy winter. Perhaps five coat days total. That just is not enough to warm the gulf at all, it looks bad for us. With another dragon chain of Lilith tempests coming through.

Wish us luck, we may need it. Those structures still standing may not survive.