Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Staying in on Night Out

National Night Out Against Crime. Came out on the porch today and saw that little orange flyer, heard about it in the news or something. They want us to have fun but just a little bit, not so much that it turns into a block party. I tried to get pictures of their logo, but could not grab them from the website THAT is even copyrighted. So I had to settle for this line of "wonderful" people, can any of you see which one is Willy Wonka? But don't blame the mayor, oh no, not for that. Blame the group that made the night out for not thinking.

I hate to do nothing but rat and rave. And if I am wrong someone please comment on this. But what is the point, the freaking bleeding point, about having a night out against crime if its going to be on a Tuesday. Sure I do not work, at least right now, but curious how they have the NATIONAL holiday against CRIME no less on a Tuesday.

Do they want to foster neighborly behavior? Then put it on a Friday or Saturday, where people have the next day OFF. Thus there might be a small chance that night against crime may turn into MORNING against crime too!

No not me. I ignored all my neighbors with their mosquito repellent torches and cops shaking hands, barbecues. Besides I think they even put a TIME LIMIT on it. Time limit, on porch sitting, amazing. Not this night, this night the porch, dark and desolate, invited no one to its bosom of laziness.