Thursday, January 08, 2009

KISAB esq.

to (not for) Monica,

If you have any questions,
please refer them to my supreme lawyer,

And beware
for she is a 9-armed
goddess of death right now.

Her breast line swooped
with a necklace of men's heads,
she cut's a path with 9 fists
wielding razor sharp machetes.

Riding the revolutions
she comes around
after something goes around.

a forgotten backlash
A boomerang of fate,
a return to sender of doom,
always served on a cold dish

Blindfolded and smiling
she crushes plaintiffs
with her sandaled feet,
toes painted black.

Her march a swing,
her stare, of stone;
wide turquoise haunches
clearing my path.

Yes, this is my attorney,
and she is
a frenzied, tattooed,
razor toothed,