Sunday, July 23, 2006

New Age Capitalist

In Sedona, a place to be a wonderful sanctum. One of the presumed chakras of the earth. And I say if we were to leave wondrous Gaia alone here it would be awesome. But alas the strip malls, albeit adobe new age brown strip malls, are just intruding. Given not the capitalist parasites, flipping cards and advertising in your face, of Vegas, but still there. Waiting for the wallet.

First off, no cars. Seal off the community and do not allow a single internal combustible engine without a license in the area. And second, and I am a victim of this. Let people have a few more minutes on the internet cafes than just 10 minutes!

UPDATE: My impression is that once this town awed its visitors with natural beauty. The rocks shine in a myriad of colors that makes you feel like you are on Mars- particularly at sunrise and sunset.

The porch potential of this place is unbelievable, grabbing a bottle of wine and something to push it down with (though you may find it hard to find a good cheese or chorizo in this town on account of all the new agers being vegetarians, tofu just doesn't do it with wine) and watch the sun descend into its nest of craters.

The problems are when you descend into town, and you speak to so many people that say "And you should have seen it 10 or 20 years ago, before all these people came. Though I did see that bars and other places of leisure that, here in New Orleans we take for granted.


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