Monday, August 20, 2007

Grading vs. Writing

Alright here is the ultimate challenge, do I correct papers or write? I have heard on a number of occasions, and I have experienced it, that a writer will do anything not to write.

Procrastination is our fuel. Avoiding an assignment, or my daily quota, I will do the dishes, do the floors, catch up with friends, call my mom, clean the gutters, pick up dog-poop, paint the house, learn to play the accordion, pick up the harmonica, even do bills (considering I have no money- that is quite the task). I think it is the only way that a writer's house does not fall in on itself is because he is procrastinating. Which brings me to another point.

They say that, afterall, a writer writes. But I wonder how much work do we get done by not writing. Is there a certain formula for not-writing. Is there value in throwing a piece into a drawer and letting ferment (I have found that cypress works particularly well in aging a fine poem). Yes sir, a writer will do anything not to write.

Well I found that thing. It is correcting papers and writing lesson plans. Nothing in the world can be worse. Go ahead try it. Even Stephen King said he could not write when he was teaching, and he writes! Go ahead become a teacher, let it happen. Do the United States a favor, it needs it, and become a teacher. Nothing will pull you from ordinary life. And at least twice a year, you are guarantee a surreal moment. But oh does it pull at your writing.

Until you start grading papers!