Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Meading of the Minds

Now my life is about mead- mostly. That magical drink that came at the beginning of time. If none of you know it is fermented honey, turning it into a rather sweet wine. Mead is incredibly easy to ferment and it is a recipe that consists only of the the following- more or less...

*2.5 pounds of honey
*1 lemon juice
*1/4 pound of raisins
*(spring) water to fill a gallon glass jug.
* yeast of your choice (champagne yeast appears to be the best)

Combine ingredients, mix well in warm water, put lemon and raisins. Prep yeast, and pitch in at room temperature, intall airlock. Let stay until fruits fall (should be about a month) siphon off into a secondary vessel and let age for a bit. Though it is not the simple, it is easier to make than beer, wine, or heavens liquor.

Mead came before beer or wine, simply because Honey provided sugar without the need of agriculture. Easiest fermented beverage to make. Charles, the owner of 'La Casa Cigar Shoppe' right by my house, got bitten by the along with myself and we are both bubbling mead at the back of his shoppe. Yes, damn New Orleans for not having good cellars and suitable storage space for such time and space- consuming hobbies.

There is a primeval connection in making mead, of connecting back through the centuries. I find it comforting to be doing something that man has been doing for so long. And as I say to everone, DO try this at home.

For more info, because my recipe was quite basic go to


Charles Gramlich said...

I didn't realize the recipe was this simple. I had a lot of mead this June in Cross Plains, Texas, while I was down there. A fellow brought four bottles. He took none home.

OOC said...

To be honest I have not even tried a good bottle of mead yet. I am just making it. Amazing to see that you are still following my strange exploits. It just goes to show you that every 3 - 6 months I hit another fad, learn something else, and keep moving.

But Charles do join us at the 9!