Thursday, October 27, 2005

Been out but back

Alright alright, been back for a while fixing my house and fixing my life. Like the whole city. The porch is rather sad, all the old regulars are gone or going. Even Yayabo (the man who once shared Papa Rellenas with me). Times are tough in this old town, think I lost my job because it dwelled far to close to the levees and the dreaded 9th ward. However, like the Yi Jing told me, enjoy the time and drink. That I have been doing- incredibly. I have a friend over that is a monster connoisser and he has gotten me into drinking wine, specifically spanish wines.

Now a heavy rum drinker like me, it is tough to drink wine. I mean you by a bottle of rum do not expect to finish it, at all. You buy a bottle of wine, and you could thunder right through it. Yet slowly my palate seems to be adjusting. Plus what the man has provided with it. Yesterday he made a sazon of onions, garlic and olive oil then threw in two huge chorizos (Spanish blood sausage that makes everything around it the color of Safron) and had a sort of fondu in the cast iron with French bread (pictures pending). Drank two bottles had a wonderful time and calming walk about the neighborhood afterwards.

Sometimes the deluge brings new beginnings


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