Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Returned and Why I'm not Rich.

Did I mention I am back, back on this porch on a midsummer's January. Turns out that we are getting days and days of heat, and the trouble is that the gulf is not managing to cool off. That could mean a rather difficult and evacuating summer.

New Orleans is returning, despite what Nagin and LaGasse say about it. Cannot understand why they would put their foot in their mouths and say such idiotic things. 'Chocolate City' indeed! What was the man thinking! Plans are going up, stores are opening. You no longer go to the restaurant and eat off of paper plates. But details can still be tiring.

Sitting on the porch in these oddly hot days, the dominoes shift and shuffle about. The rum is still the same and stories are as boring as ever. Looking about the palisade of the porch remains the same shadowed fun. Though we do not get as smashed as we once did. Good thing is that there are no one on the streets and not many have jobs, so the portal is always full.

I have always believed that the reason why I am not rich is that I would throw so many parties in house, porch, balcony, and yard that I would severely alter the economic and social structure of wherever I am. Mayor and officials, cops and bankers would call their offices in sick. I guess the gods just do not want it at all. For I and my pitiful entourage would dissolve all those vital reality strings that took them so long to implement.

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